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Seiji Haruta is a boy from another world who is reincarnated into the body of a fat otaku after the fatty almost died choking on noodles. Don't worry he gets muscles 😉


Seiji is beyond scrumptious


He is an Otaku who does whatever he wants.

He is extremely handsome.

People say he is a good person and a hero, but consistently denies this since he's not.


“It doesn’t matter if you’re a student; life is about living.” ... “It has nothing to do with male or female, young or old, life treats every person the same way; you may not receive anything for your efforts, but if you don’t do anything and give up on everything, then life will give up on you.” (Ch. 2)

“A fool is a fool—not because of ignorance, but because of his own lack of knowledge.” ... “Wise people are wise—not because of their knowledge, but because of their desire for knowledge.” (Ch. 15)

“I’m just an otaku. An otaku isn’t someone that’s good. An otaku isn’t someone that’s evil. An otaku just does what he wants to do, what he likes to do, and ignores others’ opinions. Lastly, every otaku in the world is different, so I can only represent myself. That’s all.” (Ch. 40)